Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jack Avarice IS The Courier #5 is... OUT!

This is it, folks!  The final issue of the first miniseries has HIT THE STANDS!

Jack and the team race back to a showdown where it all began - the Isle of Sarouwani in the Caribbean, and a confrontation with death!  Black magic, voodoo monsters, and a fight to the finish -- don't miss this issue!  The exciting conclusion to the miniseries is waiting for you today!

As usual, once you grab it, drop by here and let me know what you think of the book!

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  1. A great ending to a wonderful series. I suspected that the Fox was still alive somehow, though for some reason I thought he might end up being the masked guy with the glowing eye-piece that knifed him at the end of the first issue (somehow?). I am very intrigued by just what the Fox is up to, as well as seeing the next case that Jack and his team are going to tackle!

  2. Just you wait! The Fox is one deviously spyish sonovagun - who KNOWS what his plans are? Wheels within wheels, they say!

    Glad you liked the series! I had a blast making it, and now I have the fun task of plowing into the second 5-issue arc. Believe it or not, the finale has been planned since day 1 - the whole 10 issue series is intended to chronicle Jack's first mission as a spy, and to set him up for many more missions to come!

  3. Chris,

    Just wanted to let you know this has been one of my favorite comic books of the year. I am totally telling people to read it. The art is spectacular and as someone who is always making references no one else understands, I love seeing so many awesome references in your work. Looking forward to the next arc.