Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Trade... is coming!

Hey folks!

Been SUPER busy with Danger Girl: Revolver these days (#1 out now!), but in the midst of all that glamorous, voluptuous DaNgEr! I've got some exciting Jack Avarice news to post - after months of clandestine meetings behind closed doors, secret payoffs of both the CIA and KGB variety, and a handful of covert assassinations, all the details are finally in place for the Jack Avarice IS The Courier trade paperback, to be released this March (that's SOON!).  I combed my archives and lovingly put together a bunch of sketches, doodles, story ideas and behind the scenes information for the book release, along with a SPANKING NEW COVER!

This cover is in direct response to a note from my editor Tom Waltz, who relayed a request from the IDW bigwigs that they'd like "a cover with all your hot babes on it!"  Never let anyone tell you that comics aren't haute couture, folks.

Post in the comments and lemme know what you think about the cover! (Bearing in mind my previous comment about covert assassinations...)

Oh yeah...  and I managed to snag a very special foreword for the book...    :P


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  1. Picked up the trade yesterday from Kinokuniya Sydney and have to say I couldn't wait to rip into when I got home. Great work Chris, well done. Also the new cover is super. Love the package from top to bottom.